Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Weekend

Well, just let me brag for a minute. Actually, first let me complain and it will make the bragging better. :)

For 3 weeks now, everybody in our household has been sick with something. Most of you all know that Kari had a little spell on us last week where she passed completely out and scared us half to death. We're not sure why it happened but all we know is that God moved for that baby girl. We all seem to be on the mend and we're very thankful for that!!!

Soooo....with all that being said, it has been a stressful couple of weeks. My day at work today was a TAD bit stressful too and I needed to come home to clean my house and all that fun stuff to get caught up from the work week. My mom invited the kids to her house for the weekend so me and Hubs could have a few days together.

Around 3:00 at work today I received about 5 text messages from Hubs. They were all pictures of a CLEAN house. He had even cleaned the toy room. We have not seen the floor in that room for approximately 3 weeks.

THEN....if that wasn't sweet enough, he brought roses home to me and a sweet card.

I'm going to bed to have a good sleep(that's real good grammar) so we can get up early in the morning and start our weekend together! Do I feel bad for letting the kids go to Memaw's for the weekend? I miss them but no. I'm totally excited about getting to use the Chili's gift card we received for Christmas and spending the whole weekend with Matthew.

How can a person be this blessed??? :)


  1. I'm excited for you! I'm gonna have to show Russ this so maybe he'll be inspired to clean our house!! LOL

    I'm so glad everyone is feeling better! Have a FUN FUN FUN weekend!

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  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!:)
    Love yall!:)

  4. So glad yall are on the mend. Being sick is no fun!

    Hope yall have a great weekend together! You sure deserve it!

  5. Glad everyone is better now! Enjoy your weekend!!!


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