Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Brooklyn

Brooklyn Faith Durham October 12 1996-January 2 2009

Two years have passed since this precious princess made her way to heaven. I asked her mom, Tonya, if I could do a tribute to Brooklyn this week for the anniversary of her homecoming in heaven! It will be a pitiful one since nothing I can say can touch the sweetness of Brooklyn. She was precious to all who knew her and made an impact on so many lives. She has a legacy that will follow her from now on.

Her family.....Tonya, Kevin, Shawn and Hannah. I can't even fathom their loss but I know the peace that passes all understanding must visit their hearts daily.

Have you ever met a child who just captures your heart from the first word? When I first met Brooklyn, she was around 2 or 3 years old and the sweetest little thing you ever talked to!!! Even with all she went through, she was still one of the sweetest little girls and never lost her smile. And, boy, did she have a knack for fashion! She always had the cutest clothes and shoes and purses. Future holiness fashionista!

Have you ever seen a more radiant smile? This was her 12th birthday party and I think she was awfully proud to be the official princess for a day!

The last youth camp before she went to heaven, they named the youth camp choir "The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir" and Brooklyn led a song that rang true for her just a few short months later:

I wanna know how it feels
To make my way down the streets of gold
I wanna know how it feels
To have a talk with the saints of old
I wanna know what it's like
To rest my feet by the river of life
I've heard of heaven and I know it's real
I wanna know how it feels

Tonya, Kevin, Shawn and Hannah: I pray for you ALL often and I love you dearly!

Happy Anniversary in heaven, Princess!!! You are loved and missed but I know heaven sure is sweeter with you there!!


  1. Little Brooklyn was a very special little girl!

  2. This is so precious! I never knew this little girl personally but saw her a few times and think of her every time I visit Bond.

  3. :) She was a very very special little girl. Heaven is sweeter with her there I'm sure!

  4. I just got caught up on the blog today. I haven't had wifi or cell signal for a while.

    Brooklynn was so precious, such an inspiration! She will forever be missed! Hoping to see her soon!! I know she is shouting her hair down in Heaven!


  5. Brooklyn was a very precious and a very special child. Who stole all of our hearts. I will have to use Odie's phrase also she is up there shouting down that long hair that she has always wanted. Won't be long those that are ready will go to meet her and others that we miss terribly. What a blessing she was to all of us.


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