Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We had Clinic again today and, hallelujah, it went much better than last week. When we left home this morning, Kari was in the best little mood. She sang, she talked, she giggled, she played....until we got to the parking garage at Clinic. She got sooo mad at me because she thought we were "never coming back here, mommy." Seriously. I had to pretty much drag her in and drag her down the hallway to Clinic where Meiko (one of the nurses) took one look at her and said, "Oh, are we in the same mood as last week?" and a couple that we see there every week said, "Oh, no. Another bad morning?" After about 20 minutes, however, she was fine and dandy. She actually had a great conversation with Dr. Greenwood about bath fizzies and bubble bath.

Accessing the port was still very scary for Kari and almost as bad for me. They say this gets easier so I'm praying it gets easier quickly. In an earlier post, a cancer mom commented and told me to take snacks after spinals because her son always woke up hungry. I can't remember who it was but I took your advice!!! Definitely a good idea. :) Thank you!

Kari's counts are up to 6600!!! All of her triglycerides and cholesterol levels are back to normal as are her liver numbers that were so out the roof. God has definitely moved for us in the past few weeks. Kari is doing great and it's only because of the Lord! He is worthy of all the praise for this miracle. Although Kari has not been healed completely of leukemia, He has blessed us greatly so far.

I never want my blog to be a point of bad news and a depressing place for people to read. Cancer, especially in children, can be very depressing to those that have never been close to it. Many years before Kari was even diagnosed, I followed several blogs and Caring Bridge sites and prayed for those kids. At times, I remember almost dreading the news that I would find on those sites because cancer isn't easy to take nor does it give "breaks" to people, especially children. It's so unfair for children to have to go through this horrible disease!
HOWEVER...I also remember learning how to pray for those in need and being more thankful for my own family's health. I feel that it's needful for us to join in prayer together for those around us.

With that being said, we received bad news from several of our friends today. First of all, most of you that have followed my blog since last year remember my request for prayer for my Aunt Ellie. She had pancreatic cancer and had surgery last June. She's done very well since then but received bad news today: the cancer has come back as Stage 4. We are all devastated and we ask that you please hold her up in prayer. I know she begins treatment Thursday as there isn't a surgery that they can do at this point.
Also, an 18 month old boy that was adopted from Africa by a family in Lexington has leukemia and just found out he has to have a bone marrow transplant. As you can imagine, it's very hard to find a match for him. Please pray for a miracle for Baby "T". Another 11 year old boy is really struggling with his counts...he's receiving transfusions weekly and is so weak right now. Please pray for his strength!
A praise report....16 year old Michael that is so dear to our hearts is doing much better! His counts are staying up and he is being able to receive treatment as scheduled right now. We just asked for prayer for him last week and he is much better! Thank the Lord and thank you for praying!

On a lighter note, Matthew and I are hoping to take the kids on a little "trip" next week while Kari is feeling good enough to go. It's not a definite thing yet but we're already excited about it! Kari is already planning our day out. Praying that Matthew gets a small break in work to be able to go!

God is good and I'm thankful that He's my heavenly Father. I'm not really sure how people who don't have a personal friendship with Him get through life. He's my Rock, He's my peace, He's my comfort, but most of all...He's my friend.


  1. Your kids really know how to "cheese"! Lol! So glad that everything was good at clinic!

  2. Keeping y'all in my prayers. Love the updates!
    Carrie....a sister in the Lord

  3. So glad to here good news ! Love and Prayers !

  4. Awesome news about Kari's counts!
    I'm glad I could help with the snack idea. Getting food into them right away really does make a difference. :)
    When my son was first diagnosed, the social worker told me something that is so true. The child that you make during treatment is the child you take home after treatment. Meaning don't spoil them, etc. or you end up with a brat afterwards. We took her advice, and TRIED to treat our son the same as his 5 siblings, which can be very hard to do.
    Except for clinic days. Some would say I spoiled him. But on clinic days, the most important thing to me was that he came home that day physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually intact. If that meant I lugged around a heavy bag all day filled with his favorite snacks, toys, games, etc. That's what I did. (my shoulder still hurts. lol) If it meant he ate potato chips and drank chocolate milk on the trip to clinic, that's what he did. I guess the statute of limitations is over for getting in trouble with the dr.s for that. lol

    So maybe I did spoil him on clinic days, but you know what? He has NO bad memories about the clinic. (He actually only has one bad memory that happened at the hospital. And he was almost 6 when he was diagnosed.) Pretty good for 3 years of treatment, huh? He still loves to go to the clinic. I, on the other hand, still dread going to clinic. I even dread going to Lexington. In my mind, Lexington has nothing good, only cancer "stuff". That's ok, I'd much rather that "I" have the bad memories, instead of him. And it doesn't hurt me at all to not go shopping in Lexington. lol

    All that to say, Kari will adjust to having to go all the time. And probably even start to look forward to going to see her friends. :)

    (hugs) and we're praying for Kari!

  5. My prayers are continuously with your family. Lori

  6. Continuing to pray for you, Kari, your family, and all those little ones in the Clinic.

    BTW, have you heard the song "Blessings" by Laura's story. Very touching! If you haven't heard it be prepared with tissues.
    -Nancy R. (FNB)

  7. Ashley, just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and God does answer prayers, He hears everyone and they maynot be answered today or tomorrow but in His own time. If there is anything I can do for you all I am only a phone call away. Deana


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