Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I haven't said a whole lot about our Clinic visits up to this point because they've been pretty uneventful for the most part.

That, however, changed yesterday. Kari was so tired when we got there because she hadn't slept good in several nights and she had to get up very early that morning to go to Clinic. She was so grouchy and grunted and made a face at anyone who said anything to her. By the time Dr. Greenwood came in to check her out, Kari covered her ears and stuck her tongue out at Dr. Greenwood. Seriously. I teach my children manners and I don't know if she just lost her mind momentarily or if she was just totally exhausted.

Yesterday was also the first day they accessed her port. I feel like I've done very well with the medical stuff up to this point. I've watched the IV being put in and taken out, I've watched them do stuff to her PICC line, I've watched the blood draws and all kinds of other stuff. Those of you who know me well, know that this is a big accomplishment for me!

BUT. The port is a whole different story and I'm hoping Kari and I get used to it soon. She also had to have a spinal with chemo which meant she had to be put to sleep again. Oh, the emotions that I feel during that time. They always let her lay in my arms while they push the "magic milk" through. After about 10-15 seconds, she is just out like a light. Totally lifeless. Then trying to wake her up can sometimes be scary???

So,anyway, we made it through all that and I'm sure there will be more stories concerning Clinic. I just hope Kari doesn't follow after Brooklyn and somehow forward all the Clinic phone calls to my cell phone! Yes, Brooklyn did that which I think is totally hilarious. :)

We've had a wonderful day today! Kari has felt so good and she and Malachi have played so well together. She has had little tolerance for Malachi most days so we've been working on that. She has also accumulated quite a bit of new toys and clothes and shoes and books and baby dolls...her room was starting to be wall to wall toys and everything. So, we've decided to move her to Malachi's room since it's the biggest and move Malachi to hers which involves painting over her pink walls with something boy-ish. Which means my house is upside down right now. So, if you mention coming to see us and I don't sound enthused, that's why. I've recruited some help this weekend so maybe we can get it all finished before too long.

I started walking again last night. It's a great stress reliever and I'm trying to keep myself going so that I can be healthy for Kari. Tonight, we walked with Lacey down to the park. It was so pretty outside that I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Lacey and Kari!

Matthew is still out working. The cattle business is moving fast right now so he's had to be out for a long time this go around. We love and miss you, daddy!

I ask that you all remember all of our friends that we've become so close to at the hospital and Clinic. Kari's 16 year old friend, Michael, is having a very rough time right now. Please pray for him that God would strengthen his body to be able to take the chemo treatments. Michael and Kim...Kari and I love you much! We're praying for you daily.

I just want to say thank you again to our friends and family and those of you that we don't even know for your support and your prayers! It means so much to know that prayers are going up for us so faithfully.

I'll leave you with this question that my friend, Jess, posted on her blog. What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday?


  1. I love that picture of Lacey and Kari! I can already tell that Kari's swelling has come down even more since Saturday! We love you all to pieces and are praying constantly!

    LOL - I was just looking at the time you posted this! Girl you must have had some serious insomnia last night!

  2. As soon as Trinity saw the picture of Kari and Lacey, she said, "LACEY!!!" Sunday night at Bond, when you and lacey started to sing, Trinity said, "Lacey! I can't see her." There were people standing in her way so I had to raise her up so she could see you all. But she knew it was you all singing before she even saw you!

  3. Love you all so much!!



  4. I will never forget the day that Brooklyn played with the new phone system. Life was never boring! I miss her so much. I love you guys and am here whenever you need me! Let Kari make faces... stick out her tongue whatever she needs to, No its not proper manners but guess what Cancer is not suppose to be part of a childs life either! She is just expressing her feelings in the only way she knows how! I feel like sticking my tongue out to cancer too! and saying I HATE YOU CANCER!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!

  5. So when my child layed down in the middle of Wal Mart yesterday and threw a fit that was bad manners?! what?! lol. At least kari has a good excuse.

    I'm glad you're finding time to take care of yourself. That in itself is amazing. love you girl!


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