Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pictures and Update

We are back in the hospital. We were admitted yesterday. Kari's levels that have to do with her liver and pancreas were all extremely high but her ANC was good. However, they think that she has a touch of Pancreatitis. Also, they think she may have something that I don't even know how to spell but it sounds like it would be spelled C-Difficil. ??? It's contagious and at this time, any visitors have to be in gowns and gloves and all that. So, it might be best that we don't have any visitors at this time because it could be uncomfortable for you all and us.

Kari wasn't allowed to eat after 1:00 yesterday afternoon until this morning. She was up every hour last night begging for food and it was HORRIBLE! When they told her she could eat this morning, she ate 2 1/2 bowls of cereal, half of a banana and part of a granola bar! She is on a low fat diet at this time so we're learning to eat better! Since she's been on steroids, we've pretty much been giving her anything she craves. Not a good thing at this point.

I want to give God the praise for all of her levels coming down! The doctors were puzzled yesterday morning because all of her counts/levels were all weird and they were honestly not sure what to do. Now they are just saying that her body is bringing them down on its own which tells me that all the people we had praying yesterday morning must have got a prayer through! Her body is doing well and functioning properly and I thank God for that. BUT...after we asked people to start praying, she had no more pain! God is faithful. She still hasn't had any more of that horrible stomach pain even after she ate breakfast this morning. I am so thankful for that!

All of these pictures are from Kari's birthday party Saturday. Daddy and Travis walked the kids around on the horse and they loved it! I would say Malachi probably stayed on the horse for a good 2 hours. He looked like a natural up there. Unlike his mother who had a panic attack when they put me on that thing. I once thought I would like to be real cowgirl-ish but now I know otherwise. I'm also not going to post the pictures of me on the horse. :)

I will post more pictures over the next few days of the party and various others of Kari sporting her hats. She is adorable in them! She is excited about the rest of her hair falling out so that she can tie Pappy, Daddy, and Uncle Chris down to shave their heads. She is adapting well to all the changes she's going through and I'm so proud of her!!!


  1. Aww! The pictures are so cute! I hate that you all are back in the hospital :( We are praying for you guys.

  2. Ashlee...those pics are adorable!! I love them. I don't know if I can have children and love them anymore than I love yours!! I hope you get to come home from the hospital soon. And btw...I LOVE that pic of me and her!! She is smiling so good!! I love you all! And I'm praying continually!!

  3. I am really happy to hear all of the good things, Ashley. Im also glad that she is adapting well with everything. Thats wonderful because I know it has to be very hard!! I will continue praying for you all!! Love you guys!!

  4. Ashlee,
    We are continuing to pray for you all! So sorry you are back in the hospital.

    I love the birthday party pics, epecially Kari & Tosha. I'm sure Kari looks awesome in her hats. I'm a hat lover!

    Megan Mashal at posted a link to your site today.

    Love you!!


  5. Ashlee,
    So sorry you guys are back in the hospital but glad to hear that the Lord has been helping you all. I just want to let you know that we love you & are still praying...

  6. I wanna know who took that dadburn pic of me!! :) I'm glad to have a pic of me n Possum-face, but I wish somebody would have let me know ahead of time....I could have shown them my best side....:) Do I have any of those??....

  7. Hello Ashley, I am so sorry to hear about your little girl.. She is absolutely adorable and I hate that she is having to go through all this.. I know that God does heal and I hope with everything inside me that miracles are granted for your little angel... Love Always, Shantel


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