Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Made It

Thank you all for praying about Kari being in Latasha's wedding. The day finally arrived and Kari was able to get through the whole wedding before she totally crashed! This day was special for us and I'm so thankful that Kari and I were here to be part of it.
I want to thank God for some more good news...Kari's body is responding to the chemo and, after her first month of treatment, the leukemia is less than 0.01% in her body! This is what the chemo was supposed to do and we're grateful that we can follow a standard treatment and not a more intense one. God has definitely answered prayers this week! Since we're worn out from the wedding and the weeekend, I'm only going to post pictures and leave it at that. God has been good to us and we're grateful to Him for bringing us this far! Any other emotions/news can wait. :) Daddy is wanting to see pictures of his baby girl all dressed up since he's been away working this weekend. Don't get upset, Daddy, when you see the pictures of Kari holding Justin's hand. She told us today that she IS NOT allowed to have a boyfriend because her daddy said she couldn't. LOL!

Also, word has it that on the Praying for Kari Facebook page, there's a really cute picture of her and I looking at each other during the wedding. I don't have Facebook but I appreciate all of you that follow Kari's page and pray for us. It means so much! Thank you, Jess, for starting the page and spreading the word about our need for prayer! Love you bunches!



  1. love love love! I miss u all already!

  2. OMW! How cute is that hat and that dress...and those chubby lil' Chipmunk cheeks :). So glad to hear the good report. We think of you and pray for you often here. Hope to hear even more good news.

  3. she is so beautiful. I am so glad she is responding to the treatment. my mom is getting ready to start treatment for a stage IV glioblastoma so I truly know how hard it is. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to watch my child go through it. Be strong. Both of you are in my prayers.

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  4. Awww! Those pictures turned out so good. I love you guys! :) and I am also glad for all the good reports, being in my wedding and how she's progressing. My wedding day would not have been the same if you and her could not have been there. I love you all more than words can say. Mmmwah!

  5. You both look beautiful!! Love these pictures & so happy about the good news!!

  6. You and Kari both look so pretty!

  7. These pictures make my heart feel like it's going to bust. :) I'm so happy that you are having such blessed moments despite the circumstances. Know that many,many, many are praying....and we know that God answers prayers. Praying continually!!!!!

  8. definately darling glad for the report!! You go Kari-beat it!! You are in it to win it girl!!!!!

    Lots of love,

  9. Oh I'm so thankful. I was praying she'd be able to make it to the wedding. Wonderful news too about how well she's responding to chemo.

    Still praying and thinking of you all...


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