Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last week, I asked Kari to tell me something fun she would like to do for a day. I figured since she was feeling good and her counts were good that we would go out for a day and have some fun.

Yes, she's my child--she picked shopping at the mall. Oh, how happy this made me. :) The pictures are from my phone again...I had no hands left to carry a camera!

Aunt Lacey, Lashei, the kids and I headed to the mall Friday morning after stopping at the bank for some blue suckers. Thanks, Junction City, for saving the blue suckers for my kids. They will love you forever and so will I because they work great as bribes for Malachi when we're into some serious shopping and need a distraction. His dentist hates my shopping trips!! Ha ha!!! I'm only kidding...he only had 2. The rest of the time I fed him cookies with M&Ms in them. (Oh, I kid! Malachi was actually terrific and we didn't need many distractions for this trip.)

We visited Build A Bear for the first time. I'm not sure how we missed this place all these years. It's fabulous and we spent quite a bit of time there! Malachi fell asleep right before we went in here so Kari was in heaven being able to shop to her little heart's content!

Lashei and Lacey had to have some relaxation. LOL! Kari and I almost didn't get them back up to finish shopping.

Kari and Malachi rode the Motion Master ride that Kari loves so good. Malachi is a silent participant and only does it because Kari asks him to. They both got off mid-ride and Lashei and Lacey finished it. :)

Lashei helped the kids play some kind game in the middle of the mall.

We had such a good time and it was so nice to almost feel normal again! Kari ran around the stores finding things she just had to have or she and Malachi played hide and seek in the racks of clothes. Malachi is a good sport when it comes to shopping and he got to pick out some goodies too!

Saturday, the kids and I spent the day attempting to put our house back together. Their rooms are now switched but Malachi's walls are still pink as is his bed! We didn't get to paint this weekend but that's in the plans for the next few weeks. I absolutely treasured the day we had yesterday. The kids played so well together and it was like old times for us. Kari has felt so good all weekend and I've actually had to make her lay down for a nap just because I knew she needed one.

I thank God for these days that are good. It's a welcome break from the rough times. God is in control and I'm continuously thankful for that. Kari sang at church last night and this morning. She sang this song today:

God knows best
God knows best
No matter if you cannot see the way
Still small voice will always bring joy
If you wanna pass the test
Remember God knows best

It makes me smile. :)


  1. Aww! Looks like y'all had a great time!

  2. I love these pictures of everyone. It looks like you guys had an absolute blast. Love the one of Bubby and Sissy snuggling that is priceless. Glad you had a great weekend together sure missed being there....Love you all so much MeMaw

  3. I love this post! It has many of my fave things in it - Shopping, cookies, Kari feeling good...what more could a girl ask for??

    I'm a tad jealous that Malachi does so well shopping. Chase just isn't there yet so I normally have to run at the speed of light and grab things quick if I take him shopping with me. I can forget even thinking of trying anything on.

    Is that a shopping cart attached to a car at your mall?????? Why do we not have that here??? We only have those at Kroger and Chase LOVES them!

    Love you girlie! I'm emailing you right now about planning our girls night!

  4. It was great to hear that Kari is feeling better & was able to go shopping & have so much fun! I'm so happy for you that you could have this wonderful day with your babies! My favorite picture is the one of them snuggling together under the covers too. Priceless for sure! Mom told me about coming to your church last night & Kari singing a song. She also told me about Malachi being up there with David. How sweet! She said they were so cute that she had a hard time paying attention. LOL

  5. Love all the smiles in these pictures. Glad you had a wonderful weekend...Praying for you always. :)

  6. So happy you had a great couple of the days!! I pray they continue! Love the pic of nap time.


  7. I can't keep from crying...This is PRICELESS!!! other words to describe your days & the pics. I love you so very much!!! You are such a blessing & an awesome example to me & everyone around you! I LOVE YOU!!!

  8. Love all the pics! Looks like you all had a blast.!! Wish I coulda been with you all! You all will have to plan another one when I can go! :) Love you guys so much! Mmmmwah!!

  9. Ok, so I'd forgotten what a sappy storywriter you are until this post. I was just thinking about how well you've done for the past couple of blogs about not making me cry, but dadgum if you didn't just do it again!! :) Anywho, I love those pics of my babies, makes me miss 'em all over again. Glad to see our love of the mall passed on to the next generation....:)

  10. I love this post :) and the pictures are so sweet!
    ~Lacey Smith

  11. I'm so glad you all are having some good days!! Praise the Lord! Sounds like you're shopping trips with two go better than mine....I almost had a meltdown in one store yesterday. I came home and went back yesterday evening by myself!!

    Love yall

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