Saturday, November 5, 2011

27 Big Uns

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. After 25 it seems that the birthdays get a little mundane??!

But thank you to everyone who sent birthday emails, texts or called to wish me happy birthday! It was nice to know people were thinking about me! :)

Thursday afternoon a good friend of mine, Sarah, called to ask if the kids and I wanted to meet her and her 3 boys in London to eat. And seriously...she has the most well-mannered, sweetest boys ever. They were so sweet to the kids and I and we really enjoyed our time with them. In fact, Kari cried when we had to leave. We stopped by McDonalds after we ate with them so the kids could play in the Play Place. Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon!

For my birthday, the kids and I had to go back to McDonalds for more play time. Ummmm....about 3 hours worth. LOL! The kids had a blast!

I also got to see my childhood besties Andrea and April! Andrea stopped by McDonalds while we were playing and we got to catch up while the kids played! Then later I got to spend some time with April catching up on things too!

It was a nice day altogether and, although so many life-changing things have happened since last year's birthday, God hasn't changed and I thank Him for letting me make it through another year!

Love you all!!


  1. Happy Birthday Bestie! We're totally doing something for your birthday next time I see you!! Maybe EATING?? And SHOPPING?!? LOL

  2. Glad it was a good un!! BTW...I have your b-day present!... Gotta get that to ya! Love ya'll!

  3. I'm glad to hear you had a good B-day! You deserve It! I love the pics! Love you all BUNCHES!:)

  4. You forgot to mention that your favorite sister in the whole wide world was the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!! :)

  5. Love you friend-wish I could have been there with you and April :) Happy (late) Birthday

  6. Happy Late Birthday!
    Love Ya, Lynne Garrett


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