Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun Days!

These days are filled with some sadness, yes they are. Like when we discovered yesterday that Kari's hair is falling out AGAIN. I've been told that this is the last time it should fall out unless something unforseen happens. Kari kinda shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I wonder though if inside she's very disappointed since we just tried putting a small bow in the side and it actually stayed there?? She was getting pretty excited about her hair! It will grow back in due time, thank God!

However, these days are also filled with FUN and LOTS OF LAUGHTER! I am truly enjoying being home with my babies despite the circumstances. Today we did arts and crafts for around 3 hours??? It was so much fun and the kids are learning a lot about arts and crafts...and how to be creative! And messy. :)

So, here's what we did today:

Fingerpaint (I love this better than my kids I think)

Stuffed our own pet

Paper Bag Puppets

Modeling Clay Critters

Tissue Paper Animals and Flowers

I love being with these kids! I thank God for our time together!

One funny thing that I have to share before ending this post. Jess and I went shopping Thanksgiving night and it was a hoot. We walked in Walmart and saw this:

After that madness we needed fuel. So we went to Waffle House for some food. Jess ordered smothered hashbrowns. When they brought the smothered hashbrowns out to her, we decided that Waffle House must be having it hard right now.

Love y'all!


  1. Oh WOW! Those hashbrowns are truely... umm... interesting? WOW! I seriously laughed out LOUD when I saw this picture! Ha!

  2. Oh my....Those hashbrowns. This has made me laugh all over again!!! Girl - I can't wait for our next shopping expedition!

  3. HAHA! Those hashbrowns made me laugh out loud! Love the pics! Love & prayers always, Lacey Smith

  4. This made me cry! I love that girl more than anything!! You guys look like you are having a blast!!! It took me a min to get the whole deal about the 'smothered' hashbrowns, LOL. But that's funny!! Love you all more than anything!!

  5. Oh my word LOL! I am such a blond, that it took me like fifteen minutes before it finally clicked. ROFL!!
    Love y'all and praying for ya!!
    Courtney Gabbard

  6. I think I actually woke mom up laughing so loud at you--I hadn't heard the hashbrown story!! Me and my Jess ate there that night, too, and I don't think you get near what you pay for at Waffle House. However, choices are limited at 12:00am between Thanksgiving and the day after....:) I'm not gonna comment on Kari's hair falling out--you know how teary I get about that subject. Love you guys too many!!


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