Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The kids and I are totally loving this Christmas season! We've been discussing various plans for starting new traditions this year. Kari came up with throwing Baby Jesus a birthday party and inviting friends and family to be part. She also wants to invite "Jesus' friends and family" so that they can be healed while they're there.

She says we're making a cake but wonders how Jesus will blow out his candles? She said we may have to have the party in heaven. I told her that it wasn't an option unless the Lord came and got us!

So, anyway...we attended a Christmas parade in London last friday night with our buds Sarah, James, and "the boys" as Kari calls them. Kari and Malachi are in heaven with these boys. They have their undivided attention the whole time and they love it. Kari has also fallen in love with James. We were cracking up at him bowing to her every wish and command. They were quite smitten with one another.

We also went out to eat with them afterwards which was quite interesting with 4 boys and a girl. Of course, "the boys" are little angels and I could just squeeze them! Thanks, JamesSarahandBoys, for a wonderful evening!

We also attended the Danville parade with friends and family. We had a wonderful time and I would love to post pics but my sister hasn't sent them to me yet. (that was a hint, Sis) Pepaw got to join us for the evening and that was certainly a treat for the kids and I. We love you and miss you, Pepaw!

Kari is doing very well with her treatments. Currently, her port is accessed and I am giving her chemo daily at home plus she takes a chemo pill before bedtime. She did lose all of her hair again but she is the most beautiful bald headed princess I've ever seen!! Pictures will come whenever I have time to download them onto the computer. Time is limited right now for me on the computer.

Kari and I are working on school here at home during the day. She is doing fabulous and loves learning new things!! Malachi, on the other hand, struggles. LOL!! But he's finally learned the colors red, blue, and orange. Another milestone....MALACHI IS POTTY TRAINED!!! Honestly, I don't even know how it happened. I'm claiming a Christmas miracle! Ha ha!!

Congrats to Ryan and Brittany on their new baby boy, Micah! He is beautiful, y'all! Can't wait to see him in person.

As always, thank you for prayers, support, and friendship! We love you ALL dearly!


  1. Lacey:

    Luv yall! See Ash I do comment on your blog!!! :)

  2. Kari cracks me up!! I think she acts like Sis. Karen and Lacey, watch out Ash. Love you all!!!


  3. Aww thats so cute tell Kari that court n I always had Jesus a cake too...we never worried about blowin' out the candles though cause court always 'helped' Jesus blow them out. Lol Love you guys bunches!

  4. I'm not sure if I should be offended or not. You mentioned that you guys missed pepaw, but the only thing you mentioned about me was that I needed to send you some pics. :( I guess I'll let that one pass THIS TIME ONLY. But also keep in mind that my computer time is limited whenever the rugrats come around....madeline and thomas take over my computer!! :) Love you guys much, hope you have a good time in Tennessee this week...bring me back something nice!! :)


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