Monday, November 28, 2011


I haven't posted a whole lot lately. I claim that I don't have time which is partially true.

But this morning...we're sitting at the table at 5:00AM waiting on Kari to finish her 3rd bowl of Ramen noodles and also a bowl of Honeycombs. Bless her heart, she has acquired a taste for Ramen noodles and has hardly eaten a thing besides that the past couple of days. Only 3 more days on steroids. Hallelujah!!!

That's about all I have to post at this time in the morning. :)


  1. We sure love you all and are always in prayer for you all. lil kari is always at the top of my prayer request. You all are special people and meen alot to our family.

    We have got to get together sometime !

  2. Bless her heart!! Love you guys dearly!!


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