Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks With a Grateful Heart

Yes, it's been two weeks since I've posted. Today, I stopped by the bank where I used to work and was reminded by several people (Lorie, Scott, Marlene, Linda) that I need to update my blog. I've honestly tried to but since Kari started the new phase it's been tough to find time!! It was so good to see all my bank friends today. You all make me cry every time I see you because you say such kind and encouraging things! I love you all!
Please pray for a friend I worked with, Amy, who lost her mother to cancer a few weeks ago. I know the holidays will be tough for them and my heart goes out to her and her family. If you read this...I'm praying for you, Amy!

I'll try to play catch up on the last few weeks as quickly as I can. The weekend of the 12th was Kari's benefit singing. The Holcomb family also held a mini-revival the two days before and we had an awesome time! The girls (all 4 of them) got to stay with Malachi, Kari, and I and we had a blast! We were very tired the next morning but it was worth it. Kari was able to sing at the benefit and there wasn't a dry eye in the church I don't think. It was priceless!

The next week the kids and I went with Pappy and Gammy to Alabama for a campmeeting there. We had a great time and stopped by a park called Noccalula Falls on our way out of Gadsden. It was so pretty and I was so mad at myself that I had my iPhone and not my camera. It would have been a perfect place for Christmas pictures.

One our way home we stopped in Knoxville to eat with the Holcombs. Kari was ecstatic to get to see her buddies two weekends in a row. I was thrilled as well...I love this family dearly. for Kari, she's doing pretty good at this point. The first week of treatment in our new phase was very rough as she had to have 2 days of chemo. She got very sick both times and the second time I didn't even have her nausea medicine with me.

Last week was better and this week she hasn't even had to have the nausea medicine. Her counts are staying up for now so we're thankful for that as well. Some of our clinic friends are really struggling right now. One little girl just relapsed and another boy has a cancer that is spreading rather quickly. Please pray for these families! We also received some fantastic news...our buddy Michael is in REMISSION!!! He's waiting to hear when he gets his PORT out and only has maintenance check ups. We are so happy for Michael and his family!! We love you all!

Malachi is doing well. We attempted potty training but after Resolve carpet cleaner became my best friend after one week...I scrapped the idea for the time being. My patience (and Malachi's) ran out rather quickly. Until I can get my mind and game plan together, we're not attempting it again.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am truly thankful for all that God has blessed us with. Despite the hard times we've faced and are facing, we have been so blessed. When we visited clinic this week, I was honestly almost depressed at all the bad news we heard from our friends there. However, it always makes me more thankful for Kari's health and all of the times that God has moved for us in the past four months.

I'm thankful for my precious babies and that I have an opportunity to teach them about Jesus.
I'm thankful for my family and friends that love us and support us. You are so special to us...each and every one of you!
I'm thankful for a warm home to live in, food on my table, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back. There are so many people without those basic things, more than I even realize I'm sure.
Most of all I'm thankful for my salvation and for my relationship with the Lord. I don't know why God listens to me whine day after day and still loves me and blesses me the way He does. But I'm thankful that His ways are higher than mine. His ways are good even when I don't understand them. Thanks, Lord, for all you are to me!

I can't end this post without saying...HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING TO EVERYONE! (hee hee hee)

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  1. Loved this post! Happy Thanksgiving and happy Black Friday to you too! Can't wait!


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