Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Delayed Intensification

Today we begin the Delayed Intensification phase of Kari's treatment. Along with new chemo, she also has to have a spinal. For some reason, clinic is absolutely CRAZY today and at almost noon, we still haven't had any treatments or received any results from her count check. Her spinal is scheduled at 1:00 so at least after that she can eat even if we have to wait on her chemo.

Kari and Adilynn (Adilynn's sister is here for treatment)

We have had the privilege of seeing so many of our clinic friends today! Kari has been in heaven playing with these kids who understand what she's going through. I have been so emotional watching them play that I can hardly talk at times.

Kari and Katelynn (she is Kari's age and has been through some tough treatments)

At last but certainly not least....the infamous MICHAEL!!! We were so surprised and pleased to see Michael and his mother, Kim today when we came to clinic. Michael was so sweet to Kari when she was in the hospital and she talks about him and prays for him all the time. He's the one that got Kari hooked on Cookies 'N Cream candy bars!!! She will love him forever for that. Thanks, Michael, for being so sweet to Kari. Kim, thank you for being a friend to me! We love you both BUNCHES!

This weekend is the benefit singing for Kari! She starts steroids again today so I'm not sure if she will be up to singing Saturday or not. For those of you interested in coming, look forward to some good singing and a good time in the Lord! I'm sure Gammy will be updating about that tomorrow or Thursday.

I want to thank you all again for everything you've done for us. We love you and we appreciate your friendship and support more than you know! The next few weeks will probably be tough if it goes the way they say it will. I hate that it's through the holidays but perhaps it will make us appreciate the true meaning of the holidays a little more! As you pray for God to strengthen us, we ask God to bless you as well!


  1. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the friends you all have met. Love you and praying for you! :)

  2. Keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for the updates!
    God bless,

  3. kari is so pretty ! love the new pics and update we will be much in prayer ! love you all!

  4. Praying for you all! I love pics:)

  5. Doggone it, you've done gone and made me cry....again!! That pic of Kari on the scale tore me up--no 4-year old should have to be so familiar with that kind of stuff!! :( Sorry, Sissy is having one of her sentimental moments....but then, what else is new??!! :)

  6. I'm with Brandi...that picture just tore my heart out! Love you guys!! Give the kids a Mwah from me! I will be seeing you this weekend!! :)

  7. My little precious!!!!!!!!!!!

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