Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Quickly as I'm sitting here at Mickey D's sponging off their Wi-Fi service I'll update you on our lives.

We had a fun weekend with Memaw and Sissy. They have this terrific park about 10 minutes from Memaw's house that has a brand new set of playground equipment along with an awesome walking track that I made good use of. The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

I also went along on a "Jon and Latasha Date" as a chaperone. OMW. The dating life had long ago filed itself away in the very back portion of my mind and I was drawn into a world of bygone years and experiences I had while dating. Not an era of my life I like to visit often. But we had fun and I got to eat some GREAT italian food. Although the next time I go I'm not riding in the backseat of a car. That way I won't be sick as a dog and be able to eat more. Ha!

So, anyway.....I started my new position Tuesday and, considering this is only the second day, I'm doing rather well. I remembered my children's names and how to get home and all that so my brain isn't fried just yet. But my time is very limited and since I don't have internet service at home yet, my blog may suffer. For all of my faithful 5 readers, I'm working on the problem!!

With that being said, I must sign off for now. This must be senior citizens day at McDonald's because these older people are hilarious! They are everywhere in here taking advantage of the 49 cent ice cream cones. I even heard one elderly gentleman comment on the calories and fat grams in one cone. Oh, dear. I'm leaving.


  1. Hey! Very glad you finally updated your blog!! I've missed it! Although I don't comment everytime, I do read it everyday! I like those pictures you posted of Saturday night and I want them! LOL! Thanks so much for going with us, you can go again ANYTIME you want! Love you all!!

  2. Ashley once again I am sitting here giggling at my work. Yes we had a great time this weekend it ended too quickly. Ah but you are coming this weekend. Time for a park day again. Love you lots you silly girl.
    Love Mom

  3. HAHAHA Thanks for the smile! A vanilla Ice Cream cone has 4 fat grams
    Smoothies are fat free ( Strawberry Banana is very good)
    Lets not even talk about the Mocha Frapes ( But they are yummy)

    I love free Wifi when it works!!

  4. You made mom and I both laugh out loud! I hope Jon was good and didn't scare you half to death with his driving!

  5. I'm SO very glad you decided to mention my name in your blog this time....I was beginning to wonder if you still claimed me.....

  6. you are hilarious!! I just wonder how many calories is in a BIG MAC?!?! hahahahaha

  7. I can never get the WiFi at McDonalds to work. I just go to Arby's! They make such a cute couple!

  8. Yay so glad you updated! I love readin your blogs:) it was great seein yall this weekend!

  9. I'm glad you are alive! lol I haven't hardly heard from you lately! Cute pictures!


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