Friday, September 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!!

Happy Friday!! First, a little update on some things. I'm moving to another department here at work for about 6 months so I won't be at my own desk computer for a while. I will have a computer by the end of next week hopefully but won't have access to the internet! Good news....I get my laptop today!! Yay! That means I can do my blog away from work!!

1. I'm loving that I get to spend the whole weekend with my mom and sister! We're gonna have so much fun!

2. I'm loving my SIL's new boots. LOVE them.

3. I'm loving that Kari is sleeping in her own bed now. I'm working on Malachi...

4. I'm loving what Bro. Deckerd preached at church last night! Wowzers! Just what I needed.

5. I'm loving that Taryn participates in my Friday posts and does her own What I'm Loving Friday. Love you, Taryn!!

6. I'm loving the new sweater I bought at Kohl's last week!! Woohoo!! Fall weather can't come soon enough for this gal.

7. I'm loving that on Tuesday I start a new position!! The Lord really worked this in my favor and I'm so thankful for that!

8. I'm loving that today the bank paid for pizza in our department and it was from Papa John's with lots of ham on it! My diet went downhill fastly about an hour ago. And I enjoyed every bite of ham, canadian bacon, sausage, cheese and garlic butter I put into my mouth along with the two cinnamon breakstick-thingies I ate. Please don't comment on how many calories I just consumed because I'm fully aware. Just sayin'.

9. I'm loving this new store for kids. There's only one store in the state of KY and that's in the Oxmoore City Mall in Louisville. They have one in the Tanger outlets in TN though and I'm so excited about going there in November. Their clothes are FABULOUS!! I found some awesome deals there in June and I CANNOT WAIT to go again!

10. As always, I'm loving the Lord and all that He does for me!

So, what are you loving today?



  1. I am loving that you posted!!!!! that pic of Lacey and Kari sorta scares me. lol they down with it in the hood......

    love ya, tonya

  2. I cant say enough about today except I am loving be alive and well and living for the Lord. I am also loving that my daughter and grandbabies are coming to see me for the WHOLE weekend. PTL. . . .I am loving that Sissy Bran will be home tonite to enjoy everything also. Lacey and Kari I love your picture. This is great. Have a great weekend everybody.

    Love ya all,

  3. I'm lovin my Ashlee! These posts are so cute and I'm hoping that this week I can finally participate again! I've been so crazy busy the last two Fridays that I haven't had a chance. So I'm making it a goal to do it this week!

    Hope you have a great weekend with your family! I hope you all can come up soon and we'll go shop and eat! haha


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