Friday, September 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!

So, I pulled up my blog to do my Friday post during lunch and I thought "Oh, that's strange. It's got my Friday post from last week on here."

And then I realized that last Friday was the last time I've posted! YIKES!!!! I'm so far behind that I fear I'll never get caught up! I haven't posted any updates about us since last Friday so for my What I'm Loving Friday I'm going to post the things that I've loved about this week:

1. Monday when we were grocery shopping at Walmart, Kari ran out in front of one of those motorized wheelchairs that have baskets attached on the front. It seriously scared the little old man to death! But the bad thing was that Kari laughed her head off because she did it! (she's definitely my child) The poor little man kept asking if Kari was okay and I kept asking him if he was okay....I laughed all night about that!!

2. Malachi has finally started saying "drink" for when he wants a drink instead of grunting and pointing.

3. I got a new car!! The Lord worked it out so wonderfully that I haven't doubted one time that He wasn't leading me to this vehicle. The whole situation had His hand on it. :) I will post pictures as soon as I get my life back and get my camera out. LOL.

4. Yesterday while we were driving to church I turned Kari's sing-along CD down so that I could try to remember the words to a song. The whole time I was trying to sing the song she kept asking me to turn her CD back on. Finally, she got frustrated and said "Mommy, I wish I could get big so I could dwive our caww and you would get little so you could sit back heah wis Bubby." I think she was a tad on the aggravated side with me.

5. Tuesday, Kari and Malachi had a play date with our friend, Laura and her little boy, Landon. Landon and Kari are the same age and LOVE playing together. I have a post about them coming over but I don't have time to find it right now. Here's a pic of them playing at our house though:

Gammy took the kids to Laura's house around 12:00 and when I got there to pick the kids up after work Kari looked at me like I was the evil one or something. She did NOT want to leave. Both kids napped for Laura and all that so it did my heart good to know that they were so good!!

6. Malachi has learned to climb out of the bathtub by himself. And he's learned how to open the front door and go outside by himself. And he's learned how to remove the outlet covers. And, courtesy of his sister, he's learned how to move a chair over to the bar and climb up on the bar to find stuff. ARGHGHGHGHG!!

So, anyway. That's our week. My new position is going great and I LOVE it but it keeps me much busier than I was in my old position. I miss you all and I miss blogging everyday but I promise that I'll be back to normal soon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)


  1. Glad you finally posted! I love hearing about all the funny things that your youngens do!

  2. We miss you too!! Well, at least I do. Wish I could've seen Kari's expression when she was tellin' you off! :)

  3. FINALLY!!! Haha I've missed you! Do you get to come to campmeeting!?Hope so!!! Love yall!


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