Saturday, September 18, 2010


Since I’m at mom’s and can use her internet I decided to go ahead and update my blog. I may not be able to update again for a few days and I sooo miss doing it everyday.

I’ve really been looking forward to fall/winter. Winter is definitely not my favorite time of year but I do like it up until after New Year’s Day. At that point I’m pretty much done with it. I like the first few snows but snow kinda loses its appeal when you no longer go to school and have the privilege of “snow days” where you can sleep in and lay around all day. Farmers National Bank doesn’t offer that in our benefits package unfortunately. Now I have to brave the snow to drive up my very steep road and make it to work every day that it snows with the kids in the car with me. It gets a little scary at times. Like last year when I backed the van into the ditch directly across from my driveway. I was so scared that I sat there with my foot on the brake until Chris came to my rescue. After that when they predicted a big snow I just packed clothes and stayed at MIL and FIL’s since they’re only 2 minutes away from where I work.

So, anyway. I was really only going to make a point about indoor winter activities for kids not talk about snow. When it was chilly and rainy last Saturday morning we opened the play-doh for the first time since March. Kari has a HUGE play-doh play center and we have so much fun with it in the winter. I put it away for the summer along with the finger paints, water colors, Kari’s fairy tent and a whole slew of other stuff that I bring out only for winter evenings.
We can get pretty creative with our play-doh but it’s already proving to be an attractive chew toy for Malachi. He obviously hasn't learned to appreciate the artistic value of play-doh.

My fish pond

Christmas tree

Kari's milkshake creation

Hilda and her heart

Along with fun indoor winter activities is an earlier bedtime for my kids. AND ME!! That makes this tired mama so happy. While I’ll admit to being a spring/summer gal, I am looking forward to several things about the coming fall/winter months. I’ll need y’all to remind me of this post around the middle of January when I’m saying “Spring!! I need spring weather!!!”

So, do you have any neat ideas for winter evenings? :)

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