Sunday, July 24, 2011

For The Glory

First an update on Kari's ANC count: as of Friday, it was 1600!! It had gone up 1000 points since Wednesday. Lucky? Nope. God? Yes, sir.
Kari and I got up Friday (Malachi was at Gammy and Pappy's) and made french toast and eggs. We love cooking together and Kari especially loves all of my Pampered Chef stuff. She feels so grown up when she uses it!

Saturday was a rough day for Kari. She didn't feel good and was very tired. The steroids make her moody, hungry, and unable to sleep so I know that all works together to make her a big mass of emotions and fatigue. She's also pretty swelled in addition to the weight she's gained from eating so much. I'm beginning to wonder if her little belly can hold any more. Our favorite people came up for the weekend though: Memaw and Toshi Bug. Kari always finds this a treat. (yes, Malachi has a pink pacifier in this picture...he found it somewhere)

Kari's best buds also visited us along with Chrissy and Cassie. Cassie escaped before I could get a picture of her and Chrissy! I told her I was going to put it on my blog and I think it scared her. Chrissy and I tried to get a picture together but it just didn't work out with 4 kids running around! LOL!

After everyone left, Kari had a meltdown on us. She wouldn't take her medicine, didn't want to take a bath, didn't want her hair brushed out; then I got scared that maybe I wasn't doing something right with her medications.

So I called my pal, Tonya. She quickly calmed my fears and helped me understand a few things better. Thank you, thank you, Tonya!! You have no idea how much you help calm my fears. We all prayed for Kari and this morning things were better. I'm thankful that God renews us daily. We went to church and OMW. I just love how the Lord moves and helps at our church. I'm so thankful for His Spirit being there to encourage and uplift us in these hard times. I'm more convinced that I ever have been that God is in control and will work His perfect will to bring glory to His name.

My sister and her boyfriend, Jessi, came today to spend the evening with us. Kari and Malachi were like two leaches on them. By the time they left, the kids were konked out. They've had a fun filled day and for that, I'm grateful.

During the last 17 days, there have been times that I have only been able to whisper, "Lord, help us." Other times, not even able to whisper anything. I know that it's during those times that the prayers of friends and family have carried us through. Times when I'm trying to comfort Kari and can't pray for crying so's YOUR prayers that get us through. I can't say thank you enough for the encouraging texts, phone calls, cards and hugs that show you care.

Also, for all the donations, the gifts, the food...I will get around to sending out thank you cards eventually! I promise that I'm not an ungrateful brat! Honestly, I'm afraid I'm going to miss someone because I can't even remember all the people that have just shook my hand and left money there. Or the people that have sent money and gifts and cards by others. Please consider yourself thanked! LOL. I'm overwhelmed at the goodness of people. For the employees of Farmers National Bank that read all are amazing! I love you and miss you! I can't promise that I'll be back real soon but hold the fort down for me until further notice.

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness to us! Thank you for loving my baby girl even more than I do. I know she's in good hands. :)


  1. Love the good news!!! Such a great cook and a fashion statment too! Sending prayers daily and about the wedding also.

  2. Thank God for a good day! I have been so burdened for y'all. Telling everyone I can to pray.

    Love ya!


  3. Okay, that's it!! I'm officially quitting reading your stinkin' blog, sis...well, not really, you know I can't stay away!! But, I am VERY tempted, just so you know!! :) Me n Jess loved spending time with you and the rugrats today, even though I did break down on him when I saw Kari so swelled--it tore me all to pieces, and you know I never cry ;). We'll come back up and visit soon, cuz I know a little somebody who is having a birthday coming up. :) Luv you guys too many!!

  4. You know I love you more than I can say. I am just flooding heaven's gates with prayers for you and Kari and your family. I know God must have some pretty great things on the other side of this mountain waiting for you all. I personally can't wait to see it!

  5. The Lord knows the groanings of your heart. You are a faithful servant. Romans 8:26: "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

    Sometimes I find myself at a loss and I say, "Lord, you know my heart. Help me follow YOur will."

    You bless me so much. I'm so very proud of the woman you have become and what a wonderful mother you are. I pray that the Lord blesses you and yours abundantly..:)

  6. Love you very much and we are praying for all of you! Hope to see you at camp!!
    - Ann

  7. Aww the pics are so cute I love them! So glad her counts are up and I hope she gets to feeling better soon!! Love you guys!!
    - Britt

  8. Hi Ashlee, I am a brand new reader and in awe of your strength! I have other serious health issues, but I can tell you steroids and their side effects are awful! I had to take prednisone for nearly 5 years after my kidney transplant.

    Praying for your sweet little family.

  9. Ashlee, as I read your blog I go from one extreme to the other, either I'll bawl or crack up!! I enjoyed the weekend very much, altho like Brandi I broke down on the way home because of seeing her so swelled and in such an emotional state. But I still had a great time and enjoyed being with all of you, and I plan to be back soon!! All my love and prayers!!!!


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