Monday, July 25, 2011

My Brave Girl

Today was our weekly visit to Clinic for treatment. The nurses there are so nice and I know we're going to just fall in love with the whole bunch. We got good reports all the way around so I won't bore you with the details!
I just want to post some cute pics of my brave girl. I'm so extremely proud of her! Dr. D and Kari became fast friends from the beginning of this journey. They really hammed it up for this picture:

Our nurse, Ann, was wonderful and she is so good with Kari.

I hope nobody thinks I'm odd but I just think this is neat so I'm going to share. Most of you all have heard me talk about Brooklyn. When Kari was having her bone marrow biopsy when she was first diagnosed, we had been trying to find a picture of her in the dozens of picture collages all over the clinic. Kari was real scared and nervous and when we saw Brooklyn it took her mind off of what they were doing to her. Then today, Kari was crying over the PICC line dressing being changed and we both looked over top of the table she was sitting on and saw this:

Sweet Brooklyn is our inspiration and I somehow feel like she is Kari's little guardian angel! Like I said, I hope you don't think I'm weird but, if you do, that's okay. :)

Our friend, Angel, sent Kari a package in the mail with a cool scarf and two diva hats! Kari was thrilled with them! She also tried on her wedding dress for Latasha's wedding. She looks like a princess!

Matthew is back on the road with work. He's working to provide for us during this time that I'm off work and I'm so thankful for that! He loves his job and does great at it but I know that he misses us and would like to be here if he could. He told me last night that I forgot to update on him when I was blogging! LOL. Sorry, honey! We love you!
Malachi went to Pappy and Gammy's to play today while Kari and I went to Clinic alone. I figure if we're going for the next two years that I needed to get used to the drive. Kari fell asleep on the way and I had me a good little talk with Jesus. I was thankful for the quiet time alone with my heavenly Father...He's so faithful to listen and so faithful to speak peace and comfort to my heart. I'm thankful that He is mindful of us and so loving to care about our every need and worry! Thank you for praying and for caring about us! :)


  1. Kari is the bravest girl I know!! I'm so glad she did good at clinic. Also, Kari looks great in her dress...she is the perfect miniature bride!! I'm excited for her to be in it, I've looked forward to it for a long time!! All my love and prayers constantly!!! Hope you have a great night!!!

  2. Kari is such a little doll ! She looks so cute in her new hats ! I don't think your weird at all for looking back to Brooklyn !
    Love and prayers

  3. My little peanut butter face looks so beautiful in those hats Angel thank you so much for thinking of her. I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for my daughter and her family. I wont even try to name everything just a big THANKYOU FROM THIS MEMAW TO EVERYONE. Kari and Mommy I am so proud of both of you for being so brave I know it is the Lord holding you up. HE will continue to hold you up thru this valley of sickness and one day you will stand on top of the mountain again. Love you all Mom

  4. i don't think you're weird at just choose to see and hear when HE is speaking to you :) I love that!!

    Love the hats too. Can't wait for you to sport them too:) Love ya'll

  5. Kari is a cutie!! What a trooper! Praise God for good reports!! And you're not being odd in the least! :) It's so precious that you spotted that painting! It gave me such a sweet feeling when I read that. Love & prayers!
    ~Lacey Smith

  6. Kari is so cute! I am so glad everything went great yesterday!

  7. What a brave girl (and Mommy)!


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