Sunday, July 10, 2011


I know that in the midst of battles or storms in our lives, God sometimes grants us a peaceful little reprieve to get us through another mile. I feel like in our nightmare, God is giving us a few days of sunshine with our baby girl.

Yesterday, Kari had her first chemo treatment. I guess when you think about cancer and chemo treatments you think of this horrible process but it was actually so simple that Kari didn't even realize she was getting anything. Kari has named her PIC line (not sure I'm spelling that right honestly) Pluto. :) Pluto gets all of her medicine and has to get drinks throughout the day and stuff like that. We had a really bad issue with the PIC line yesterday but we got through it and hopefully that won't happen very often.

We were very concerned yesterday about her fevers. They went down for about 5 hours but then kept spiking back up and would only go down with Tylenol. HOWEVER....we had people praying and she hasn't had a fever in about 18 hours. This is GREAT news and we are so thankful!

We were also, of course, concerned that she wouldn't take to the chemo or she that she would have bad side effects right away. But this very amazing thing happened. After her chemo treatment went into her body, she came alive. By that, I mean that our sweet, funny little baby girl was back! She played, she painted, she took a walk outside with us (with a mask on of course), she talked and sang to people, she opened TONS of gifts, she played Play-Doh, and then I had to make the child go to bed. She was going strong but I knew she was worn out. As soon as as we snuggled up together, she was out like a light! I say it with a thankful heart when I say that we slept ALL NIGHT, FEVER FREE AND PAIN FREE!!! Thank God!

When people come to visit it's such a shock to them to see Kari all hooked up to machines and knowing that her little body is filled with this evil thing called cancer. But I try to be quick to remind them of all the small miracles God's given us so far. It's going to be rough, it's going to be a long road but God is faithful and He's already proven Himself time after time to me before this.

I want to say thank you Farmers National Bank!! You all are amazing. The financial blessing, the gifts, the visits, the phone calls and texts...I don't even know how to thank you all. I guess you don't realize what you have until you're in situations like this. I didn't realize it before, but where I work I don't have co-workers; I have a family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I wish I could name each and every person that has blessed us prayerfully, financially or in other ways but I just say thank you to everyone! I'm a little overwhelmed at the goodness of my friends and family. Why was I surprised? You all are the best.

The doctor's are very pleased this morning with Kari. Her counts are good, her fevers are gone, she's resting...God is getting the glory. :)


  1. Thanks for taking the time and energy to keep us updated.
    God bless you all.
    Davy, Kelly and Odie

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings glad for this good report. Love you all. Hope to see you soon.

  3. How reassuring to know that mighty Great Men of God are praying for little Kari. Even more reassuring than that, what a Great and mighty God we serve that hears our prayers!!

    We are so thankful for some good news this morning.

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  5. Ashlee, we are thinking about and praying for sweet Kari and you all!! Praise God for the miracles He's already performed!! Your faith and trust in God is an inspiration! Much love, Norman, Sue, & Lacey

  6. Ashlee-
    You, your sweet sweet girl, and the rest of your family are in my thoughts and prayers! God is moving, and is holding your precious baby in His hands! Thankful for the good news...I admire your strength! Praying you all have another peaceful, fever and pain free night!

  7. Ashlee--
    I just heard the news about your precious lil angel..My thoughts and prayers are with you and Matthew during this time..With all my love..

  8. Ashley, I just found out about Kari!!! You all are in my prayers!!!! Thinking of you all very much!! She is precious and i pray that God will heal her. Lisa Collins


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