Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hard Times

Thank you all for prayer has been answered!! Kari's counts are up from 360 to 610!! We get to go to church tonight. We are so excited!

Tuesday night Kari's PICC line started leaking so we had to make a quick trip to Clinic yesterday morning to get that taken care of. Before we left for Lexington, Home Health came to draw Kari's labs. She was all upset about that and even more upset to find out we had to get "Pluto" cleaned and re-dressed. It's painful for Kari because the tape that is over her PICC line is stuck on there so tight that it probably feels like it's pulling a layer of skin off!

Her appetite is hilarious still. When we were finished with Clinic, she ate a piece of pizza on the way to Cracker Barrel then gravy and biscuits, chicken tenders, and mac and cheese at Cracker Barrel. Already this morning she has eaten 3 pieces of french toast, bacon and 2 packs of oatmeal. It's really funny!
On another note, Malachi is adjusting well I think.

He seems to be the only one sleeping in our household at this point. LOL! Kari is up all night hungry and I'm up all night feeding her. Malachi has a hard time remembering that Kari has a "boo boo" on her arm and he has to be careful but he's learning.

Last night was probably the worst night we've had. When I gave Kari a bath last night after her already emotional day, she saw me getting hair off my hands to put in the trash. She asked if that was her hair falling out...??? My heart broke and apparently so did hers because she burst into tears again and said "Mommy, I don't want my hair to fall out!" We sat and cried together and then when she got out of the bathtub, we cried some more. I sat down with her and explained that Jesus is with us and even though we hate this sickness, He's going to make something awesome out of it! I'm not sure she was convinced. But my prayer for Kari is that Jesus would be real to her and she could understand that He is here with her to comfort and help her.

Just being honest...I don't understand this trial and I won't try to. But I HATE it. Anyone who has walked this road before us, you know where we're at right now. Kari doesn't understand and, really, there is no good way to help an almost-4-year-old understand why they're sick, losing hair, going to the hospital so much, taking so much's a nightmare. The next few weeks will be rough and we desire your prayers. God is faithful and I know He will be here to comfort and get us through. This wouldn't have come our way had it not passed through His hand first. Because of that, He will surely get glory out of it.


  1. Girl, this breaks my heart. :( But I know you are trusting in the Lord & He is helping you. I can't even imagine being in your place but please know that I am praying for you! I am so thrilled that Kari's counts are up & you get to go to church tonight! Love you!

  2. I had read you blog a while back through a mutual friend and we have praised God for what He has done for your family. Now, to read what Kari is going through breaks our heart. We have a dear little friend who is a year ahead of Kari in her ALL journey. She was 8 when diagnosed and is 10 now. Her hair is coming back and she has more good days than bad. Her name is Heidi and she is going to start reading Kari's story. She has a caring bridge, if you would like to check out her story. We are praying for Kari at all of our services. THis is a scary journey but God will be real to you. It is amazing how precious He can make this for Kari. We will pray for that. God bless you!

  3. Hi,
    I have never met you all but we are praying here in Indiana for all of you....I grew up in Bro&Sis.Parret's church. GOD will bring you all through and HIGH upon the mountains

  4. I'm so excited you all get to go to church tonight ! I can't imagine what your going through with karis hair not counting the hundreds of worries. But I know gods there and we love you all and are praying for you. You are truly a inspiration! Your faith is amazing . I always read your blog and I end up smiling,wanting to cry and then I'm always amazed again by the light your are shining in such a dark trial !

  5. Ashlee, We rejoice with you in the happy moments you share and weep/pray with your down times of not understanding. We will never understand everything EVEN God's love for us!!
    We are praying for you in Chiefland, Florida and send our love to you also. BTW, we're related ~ my mom is Alpha, Opal's sister:)

  6. Can't wait to see you at church tonight!

  7. Is it just me or does everyone laugh and then cry or cry then laugh when we read this blog?

    Still praying for many more miracles coming your way.

    Amy Parker

  8. Ashlee...I love you all & I'm praying for the Lord to comfort you and Kari through this horrible time.

  9. Hey!This is Courtney and Tiara.We just read your blog and it broke our hearts.We're praying for you,Kari,and Malichi (sp?) I know God will bring you through this trial.I was sitting here,thinking about what to say since I've never writtin on your blog before,but this song came to me,and I don't know all of it,but it just came to me.

    God will make trial a blessing,though it sends me to my knees.(Something something something)and that's enough.But God will make this trial a blessing,and the whole wide world will see.
    Love y'all and are praying for ya!!
    Courtney B.Gabbard and Tiara B.Carpenter


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