Friday, July 8, 2011

Update and Thank You!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that have been praying for us. Secondly, your sweet comments on my last post brought tears to my eyes. Friends I work with everyday, friends I see fairly often, and friends that I haven't seen in is so good to know that you're thinking of us and praying for us.

For an update on Kari:

The doctors had confirmed that it was leukemia but didn't know the type or anything else about the cancer until the biopsy was performed.

We did the bone marrow biopsy today but won't know the results until tomorrow or possibly Monday. At that time we will learn exactly the schedule of treatments. They put her to sleep while she was in my arms which was very scary and I kinda lost it when she went out. But it was very strange how, as soon as I thought I was totally in panic mode, that peace that passes all understanding filled me and all that nervousness and sick feeling went completely away. I think God knew I needed strength because I became the one reassuring everyone else as they found out about the confirmed leukemia.

I could reassure them because I've already counted two small blessings/miracles that God has done. One blessing is that when they put her to sleep, they not only got the bone marrow biopsy done, they put her PIC line in and did her spinal tap at the same time. They were able to do it all at once plus give her some chemo in her spine instead of three seperate times that they originally thought it would be. I also counted it as a miracle that the type of leukemia that Kari has (Pre B Cell ALL) is the lesser of the two evils. I thank God for that! The one thing that I will have to say is bothering me at this time is knowing that within 2-3 weeks, Kari will lose her hair. Anyone that has ever seen Kari could never forget her long blond beautiful hair. I haven't told Kari yet because she's been in quite a bit of pain tonight. At some point this weekend we will have to tell her as the chemo will start making it come out next week.

Our doctors/nurses are fabulous. I can't even begin to describe how awesome and knowledgeable they are. They are so willing to help and truly care about Kari and us. Some have even given us their cell numbers if we need them or have questions when they aren't here at the hospital.

At this time, Kari is in pain with her hips from the biopsy. She has a high fever that the doctors are working on but, overall, she's still being a trooper. We've had lots of visitors and we love that! It truly helps us to have company. At this point, there are no restrictions on visitors except that we ask that if you have any symptoms of being sick in any way, please do not expose us to that possibility.

I feel much better tonight than I did while updating last night. My dear friend, Tonya, is such a blessing to us too. Her daughter, Brooklyn, is leaving a legacy behind that Kari is doing her best to follow! LOL. Kari is as ornery as Brooklyn was and the doctors and nurses have been laughing their heads off at Kari. One doctor told her to put her mask on because she was out of her room and she made a face at him and turned her head away. We all got a good laugh at that! I think she was feeling much better after her transfusion.

Please continue to pray for my baby girl and for our family. Thanks also to those who have brought gifts and blessed us financially. You have no idea how much you've helped us!

(I'm editing this post at 1:25am. Thank God for another answered prayer...Kari's fever is down to 98.1!!! It hasn't been normal in two days. Thank God! She is now sleeping soundly.)


  1. Hi Ashlee, I found about about Kari on Facebook. I'm sorry to hear about her diagnose. My son was diagnosed with leukemia in Oct of 2000, finished treatment in 2003 and is doing well. He was treated at UK. You are right, the Drs and nurses are awesome! Great news that Kari's fever is down. We will be praying for her!

  2. We are praying and we can't wait until y'all can come back to church!

  3. Ashley, I met you and Kari at Chase's birthday party. She is a beautiful little girl. I am Lindsay Wilson's mom. Just wanted to let you know that you and your family and especially little Kari will be a constant in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Kari is a gorgeous little girl that looks like her mama.:) I love you all so much! Praying much for all of you!

  5. I love you all!! Thank God her fever is down! I will be to see her smiling face in a bit!! Tell her Toshy Bug loves her bunches and bunches!! Love you! You all are in our prayers continually!

  6. We are praying for you all and sending our blog readers here for updates. We love you all so very much.

    Davy, Kelly and Odie Boggs

  7. Ashlee,
    I just want you to know that we are praying for & thinking of you & Kari continually. I was glad we were able to visit today. I know how it feels to watch your child be in pain & I know you would gladly take that pain if you could. You are a wonderful mommy. Stay strong sweetheart. I love you...

  8. Hi Ashlee! I dont actually know you but I feel as if I do. Brandi talks about you and the kids all the time :) I am Jessi's sister Annie. Just wanted you to know that we are praying for Kari and your family.

  9. Ashlee, I am still praying and have been with every thought of you, your family, and Kari, which has been often the past two days. Thank you for being a blessing to me with your posts. I knew that you would have a positive outlook about this and that and the good Lord above is what is going to bring Kari and all of you through this. Our family and church will be praying for you, Kari, and the rest of your family in the days ahead. :)

  10. God love that gorgeous little thing! I'll be down to see you all pretty soon-I've got something up my sleeve for miss Kari :)

    All of our lives you have been so faithful Ashley, and now I know why God has given you a heart so close to His.....for such a time as this. I am so impressed by you right now.

    Love you,

  11. Ashley,

    I heard about Kari tonight in church and you have been on my heart since then. I am praying for you and I rejoice to see the Lord moving for her. Love you all!!

  12. Hey, this is Sissy. Most of what I have to say I'll just say in person, but while we were praying for Kari the other day, something you said made a song come to my mind. You know how you and I are about our music....:) When you get a chance, please look up Aaron and Amanda Crabb's song MIRACLE on YOUTUBE. There's one link on there where they are telling the story that inspired the song, then they sing it live. All I could do when I listened to it was cry and think of my baby Kari, our very own MIRACLE baby. Hang in there Ash, we're gonna have to be strong to fight off those boys knocking on your door when that baby grows up!! I love you guys so very much!! See ya in a few hours!! :)

  13. Ashley, you know you have a special place in my heart! I'm praying for you & your family that God will take this special gift & heal her. Let me know if I can do anything to help you in any way! Love you!!


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