Monday, August 30, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

What a blast Chuck E Cheese is! I hadn't been there since February-ish and they have added some new things since then.

Kari was so excited that she could hardly stand it. We ate pizza, italian breadsticks and some cinnamon thingies that were so good! I was really glad I made myself get up and walk before we went because I ate a little too much. My sister and I each took a child to play and seriously, what fun!! We were laughing later because I think we saw as many adults playing as kids.

We also did a little shopping and I just want to make a quick comment on these sweaters. I tried on an EXTRA SMALL and I looked like a cow. Now, I know that I'm not exactly a fashion-ista or anything but I seriously don't see the purpose of a sweater being so HUGE. When Ashley Noe can wear an XS, you know something's very wrong.

So, anyway. Back to Chuck E Cheese and shopping. We had such a good time and even though we had a, issues with the kiddos, the day was good and ended very well! I love spending time with my mom and sister. My sister rarely gets to come up anymore but it's always a treat for the kids and I when she does come for the weekend.



  1. I ABSOLUTELY love that your weekend was so FUN!!!...The only thing that would have made it better was if Tiara & I could have been there!!!...what a BLAST we would have ALL had!!!

    There is nothing like family time!

    Love you bunches!!!

  2. I wish I had looked a little less FAT in those pics!!! Good grief, I should have looked at 'em before I let you take my camera!! We DID have fun though, didn't we??!!

  3. We had lots and lots of fun. I can still still Malachi's face when he was riding that horse. He was galloping on the horse just like you would a regular horse. My word and the facial expressions. Thanks girls and grandbabies for wonderful memories. I loved every minute of it.

  4. I LOVE that sweater. I must have one!! Maybe when I go to Jess's next week we can go look for me one. You have the CUTEST kids!

    Lisa Anderson

  5. I'm not wishing for Chase to grow up faster than he already is, but it will be so much fun when he gets a little older and likes going to those kind of places (and I think I'll enjoy it just as much as him!)!!

    Love all the pictures and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    We must plan a shopping trip sometime soon! I used google maps and it says that Florence is exactly 2 hours from Danville LOL...that's not that bad! And if that doesn't work out, we'll just meet in the middle at Lexington!

  6. Looks like ya'll had a great time! I can't wait until I can take Trinity!

  7. I love Chuck E Cheese!! I haven't been in a long time! lol I'm glad the kids had so much fun!


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