Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!

I know this Friday post is a little early but I will be traveling to Alabama tomorrow and won't have access to a computer for a few days.'s to the 2nd edition of What I'm Loving Friday!

1. I'm loving that I get to leave work at 1:30 today and I'm off tomorrow!! Woohoo!!

2. I'm loving that Kari will be so cute in her little miniature bride dress in the wedding on Saturday! (pictures to follow on Monday)

3. I'm loving that Malachi's face lights up when I come to get the kids after work. He grins so big and immediately comes to give me a hug.

4. I'm loving this coat for Kari and I hope to order it soon.

5. I'm loving that my house is clean and my laundry is done!

6. I'm loving that tomorrow is payday! The Lord knows I need it. LOL.

7. I'm loving that I will probably get to eat Cracker Barrel in the morning! Because y'all know that food is always a priority for me. :)

8. I'm loving the new skirt I made from two pairs of jeans! It's so cute and trendy and the best part is that it only cost me $6 to make!! Which leads me to #9.

9. I'm loving Goodwill! Seriously. I hadn't been in a Goodwill in years but I went in there in search of some cheap jeans to practice making jean skirts with. I found an Under Armour turtleneck shirt that looked brand new for winter exercising outside for $2 and I bought 2 pairs of jeans (to make the jean skirt with) for $6! I found a lot of other stuff but I didn't buy much this time. I'll wait until I have lots of time to browse and make wise choices. I can't wait until my next trip!

10. I'm loving my sewing machine! I've had it for about 5 years but I'm just getting into using it. Since discovering that I can sew and actually do halfway decent at all might see a new post with some skirts for sale!! LOL. I'm really getting into making them. I'm working on a cutie patootie skirt for Kari and I would already have it done except I broke ANOTHER seam ripper. I need a galvanized metal seam ripper to do all these skirts with apparently.

So, what are you loving this Friday? Can't wait to see your responses!!



  1. I'm also loving that tomorrow is payday and Friday! Eating is always the priority of my trips too! lol I love your saying, cutie patootie! :)

  2. I am loving the fact that I also am off on Friday. Yeah Yeah.... I am loving it that I get to spend the next few days with my daughter and my grandbabies and friends. They will probably be ready to get rid of me by then. LOLOLOL...The next and very best thing I love is I know that I am saved and I know that I am. See ya on the flipper side. Mur

  3. I am loving...

    1. That I don't have to work tomorrow!
    2. That I'm going to Alabama tomorrow with my most favorite person in the WHOLE world!!
    3. That 11 months from Saturday I'll be 18! YAY!
    4. That I'm saved and on my way to Heaven!
    5. And that I'm so blessed It would take way TOO long to put ALL that I'm loving today!!

    I love you Ashlee and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!

  4. Ok first I'm loving that my first day of school the teacher didn't show up and we got an early dismissal and class credit for it.

    I also love that I got the internet at my house yesterday!!! I'm really loving that!!

    I'm also loving that I don't have to work tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday!!!

    And finally, I'm loving that my husbands foot is better! Praise the Lord!

  5. I'm loving that I have a bubbly blonde headed friend that has enough time to blog and make me crack up to pieces.

    Oh and I'm loving how cute her kids and the pictures she puts up of them are too :)))

    Have fun on your trip and be safe!

  6. I love that jacket for Ms. Kari! I also love the idea of being so crafty with a sewing machine. When I read that, I thought you might like this blog:

    She spend $1 per day at a Goodwill type of store and makes a new outfit out of what she finds. Awesome idea, if one had the time!

    I hope you all have a great & safe trip!

  7. I'm lovin' a whole big bunch of stuff right now! I'm lovin' the new Aaron and Amanda Crabb cd. Also I'm lovin' that Trinity's birthday is only like 1 1/2 months away! (Remind me that I said that when I'm crying because she is growing up when her birthday gets here). I'm also lovin' that we get to go on vacation next week!


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