Monday, August 9, 2010

The New Malachi and Other Stuff

This is the old Malachi:

And the new Malachi:

Bless his heart. After some mishaps with the trimmer, we decided to give the child a burr haircut in order for it to grow back thicker and more even. LOL! I kept a hat on him Saturday because, seriously. He looked funny, y'all.

On to other news...
Friday night the kids and I went grocery shopping and I had been dreading it for days. Because with both kids in 95 degree weather after a long day shopping isn't exactly something you look forward to.
To my surprise the kids acted like angels. Malachi had a few times when he stood up in the buggy when I wasn't looking and I had a time trying to keep him sitting down. I finally strapped him in and although he screamed and cried, he finally accepted reality and settled down with a cookie. We finished shopping, ate at Subway and I actually got the groceries put away and my house almost all cleaned before the kids fell asleep. Kari climbed into the bed and asked for a blanket and the next thing I knew she was snoozing away. I rocked Malachi for 10.2 seconds and he was out like a light. WOW! I finished my laundry, ironing and house cleaning and settled down to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time with the Lord.

But guess who was awake? Eating. Drinking. Looking at me. Hercules. I'm telling you that thing gives me the shivers. Needless to say, I went on to bed at that point.

Altogether, we had a great relaxing weekend. My kids love it when I'm home all day with them and not working so I try to make the best of it. Saturday morning Kari and I fixed pancakes and then we put Malachi in the stroller and went to look at all the yard sales that are out for the big 127 Yard Sale. I found some great deals for a friend who's having a baby in about a month. But other than that, Kari only found some clothes for her baby dolls. We spent yesterday evening playing with baby dolls!!! How fun is that? Dressing them up, putting them to sleep, changing their "poo-poo" diapers and feeding them....I felt like I was 5 again!

By the way, Aunt Ellie starts chemo today. Please keep her in your prayers!!! They are home in Florida now so I'm sure that has already made a difference in the recovery but chemo treatments will be rough I'm sure.

Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on your wal-mart trip! Trinity is teething so we have had some "fun" times at restaurants. Like Friday when me and my dad ate at the Bread of Life cafe and she screamed the WHOLE time. Just be thankful that your kids will be out of that stage and mine will be in that stage and you can look at me and say HA! Lol!

  2. My word I miss my babies horribly. I cant wait to come up and see them this weekend. I don't care if Malachi is like the peach and has no hair. He is still handsome. I think Kari thinks so too. Wonderful pictures.

  3. That's funny about Malachi's hair! Maybe it will grow fast. :) Cute pictures! I also pray that your aunt does well with the treatments.

  4. He's a cutie anyways! Poor Herc. He's so abused and neglected in his new home :). And I'm like you, I put off going to the store as long as I can. We'll eat pancakes for three days until I finally give in and go! People just don't realize how tough it is!

  5. Bless your heart. I go to the grocery on my lunch break at work just so I don't have to get Chase out in that mess. He's normally pretty good but I don't want to risk it!

    Malachi is adorable no matter what! And Kari is gorgeous as always!

    And Hercules...well...he's just plain creepy!

  6. Ashley when I come to u house on Friday nite do I have to sleep in the same room as Hercules. I will bring a tent if I do. Jess said it well just plain creepy. Yuck


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