Friday, August 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!

Yahoo! It's Friday.

1. I'm loving this new Friday post! It's so much fun.

2. I'm loving that I get to take Kari to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow!

3. I'm loving that I'm getting a new laptop computer next month. I've been waiting for the opportunity for a new computer for a long time and I'm very excited that I've been able to find one that's affordable and all that. Although I must admit that all the specifics of what I'm getting is still a mystery to me. I told my tech friend here at the bank, Bob, to pick me one out and I'd slap my debit card number on there and order it. I mean, really. Does it really matter that you have 107 extras on the computer and that it does 57 different kinds of font?

4. I'm loving that Mrs. T has decided to share her 5 baby kittens with us. Kari and Malachi get the giggles just looking at them. It's teaching Kari a tad bit of responsibility too. Anybody need a kitten? Because we ain't keeping them.

5. I'm loving that I finally picked up Herc for the first time, just so I can say that I have touched the icky thing. He was sitting in the corner of his little house and hadn't moved for a while. I was seriously afraid he was dead (afraid may be a strong word....more like hopeful?). So I picked him up and he did some kind of little wiggle with his claws and I promptly dropped him back in his house. Ugh.

6. I'm loving this poncho for Kari! Oh, I love it.

7. I'm loving this jacket for Malachi. He would be such a charmer in it. LOVE it.

8. I'm loving this weather. It was 56 this morning and I got to put hoodies on the kids! I LOVE hoodies! Hoodies are for winter like flip-flops are for summer. Necessities.

9. I'm loving the Lord and pray everyday to know him more. Like this song from Casting Crowns. Great lyrics and even better when they sing it.

So, what are you loving today?


  1. What I love about Friday is that I have 2 days to do whatever.
    What I love about Friday is that Me and sis are coming to Danville to visit with my daughter AGAIN and the grandbabies.
    I love this weather I love that my house is clean yeah I love that my yard is mowed yeah. Now come on weekend.
    I will end with I love the Lord. I love that song "I Need a Savior" Great song.

  2. I love that I have two whole days with my husband at home with us. I love that he lets me sleep in and cooks breakfast for me on Saturday.

    I love that we have no plans, other than just staying around the house and enjoying our home this weekend.

    I love that we have THREE new converts at church and that they bring so much encouragement to us and life to our services. I can't wait to see what happens this Sunday!

  3. I'm also loving that I'm getting a new laptop! lol

    I'm loving the revival we've had this week!

    I'm loving that I get to sleep in tomorrow!

    Loving that the weather is supposed to be pretty for the weekend! Only a little bit of summer left which I am so NOT loving! lol

  4. Okay, busy at work, but I'm loving that I FINALLY get to visit with my niece and nephew---and my darling sis---this weekend. What I'm not loving is that she didn't mention getting to see me this weekend as one of the things she's loving this Friday--I'm so very upset, but I'll get her back when I get to Danville!!!

  5. I'm loving a new dress and coat that I bought for Trinity at a consignment sale today.

    I'm loving that Steven is off work for a whole week next week!

    I'm loving that we are going on vacation next week.

    I'm loving that my little family is so blessed.

    I'm loving that I am saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost!

  6. I love YOU Ashlee Bowles!!!!

    I love that you're coming to Tanner's party too!!

    Oh, and I love sweatshirts...I'm not really a fan of dressing up too much these days. I prefer to fashion in hoodies--summer or winter!


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