Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know I've been missing in action for several days. Several reasons for this:

1. I left my camera in Latasha's purse and have no pictures to show until this weekend.

2. I've been suffering a migraine headache that put me off work yesterday.

3. Along with Malachi teething so bad that his body temperature is around the same temperature as Texas in August.

4. No time.

So, that's our life this week so far. I hope to have a totally awesome post this weekend or on Monday. Of course, I'll be posting the What I'm Loving Friday but as for some pictures of the'll have to wait until my camera comes back from vacation.


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  1. Totally understand MIA. I've been totally struggling this week!

    I hope you and Malachi feel better really soon! We love you all!


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