Monday, August 16, 2010

Funny Stuff

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the What I'm Loving Friday! It was fun and I can't wait to do it again this week! :)

This weekend I was reminded just how fast my kids are growing up. It's so obvious by the way Kari talks and acts and by the way Malachi is rapidly learning stuff.

Kari's newest favorite activity is playing school. She has a workbook that she does while at Gammy's during the day along with her new Fisher-Price computer that she blows our minds with. My 3 year old knows how to navigate around on the computer with the mouse and it's amazing. She also has these little "stories" she tells everybody. On our walk the other day she told Lacey and I about a girl named Myrtle who was swimming in our pool and drowned. She said that it was "bad, bad, bad." When I confronted her about her "lie" she said that she wasn't lying, it was the "twuth of God!"
Oh, heavens. I don't even say that so I'm not sure where she got "twuth of God."

She has also been trying to read books on her own. The words consist of either "ping a ding a ding" or she tells the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Jonah and the Big Fish. It's SOOO hilarious!

She likes to play "Scunday School" and act like Aunt Lacey. She says "Before we get started, does anybody have a pwayer wequest?"

But she also says the sweetest things like the other day when I was putting her in her car seat. I said "Kari, I love you so much!"
She says "I love you too. Thank you for being so good to me."
Of course, there's always the issue with the deer. It shall forever haunt the child's mind. I have a story about that at the end of this post.

Malachi says some interesting variations of words. We've all worked with him and he's just plain stubborn. But the other day my FIL was telling a story and said the word DINGBAT. Apparently, Malachi picked right up on that one. He even said it for Dr. Miller last week!! I know Dr. Miller was so proud. (I'm totally kidding because he was not impressed)
He's very mechanically-minded (not sure if that's the correct grammar usage)and he likes to get any toy that resembles a screw driver and go to town on everything in the house. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to teach him to use the weed-eater and riding mower. Ha!
Yesterday after church, we all ate in the fellowship hall with everyone. It was fun and here are a few pictures I snapped:
Lacey and Robin (Lacey still had her apron on)

Ivy, Lacey and me (thank me, Ivy. I didn't put the Pepsident pic on here)

Malachi and Trinity (Malachi was stripped down to the diaper after his cupcake)

Which leads me to my "OMW. I DID NOT just do that!" story.
Last night we left Gammy and Pappy's about the time it got dark outside. Kari and I had made cupcakes for the dinner at church and we still had 3 left to take home. I was excited because that meant we each had one for after dinner tonight (I get excited about food y'all). I set my very nice, expensive air-bake cake pan on top of the van to put the kids in their carseats. I pulled out on the main road into traffic and all of a sudden we heard this big bang on the side of the van like somebody was hitting us. Kari started screaming and crying, I was hitting my brakes and checking the kids to make sure they were in their seats right because sometimes they unbuckle themselves if they work at it long enough.
"Oh, mommy! Did we hit another deah?"
"No, honey, we didn't!"
"Mommy, we hit a deah!"
"No, we didn't, Kari. I left the cake pan on top of the van and the 5 cars behind us just about wrecked to avoid hitting it or getting hit with it."
"Did they get our cupcakes?"
"Yes, our cupcakes are laying like mush in the road. Along with my cake pan."

See, Jess? You're not the only one that does stuff like that. I just hope someone didn't turn in my license plate number or something.



  1. Ashley that is absolutely hilarious. I am sitting at work cracking up. I can just see that conversation between you two.

  2. Thank you, thank you so very much for not putting that picture on here!Lol!

  3. Oh, that baby is SOOOO hilarious!!! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!!!

  4. OMW!! That is SOO funny! I LOVE it! I can only imagine that! There's one way to put it...around your place it's never boring! LOL! I love you all!! :)

  5. What were you doing trying to throw cupcakes at cars? lol That's really funny!

  6. Bless our hearts -your cake pan, my suitcase....

    Someone told me while I was pregnant that babies don't make new brain cells when they are developing - they just take their mommy's brain cells! After having him, I totally believe them! I think he's going to be SUPER SMART (since he stole all my brain cells!) and he's left me being a dingbat! LOL

  7. I wish you could see me bending over cracking up laughing at this. Please blog every day so I can laugh before I go to bed. PLEASE!!!


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