Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cinderella! (Part II)

Part II of the birthday party: Uncle Chris and Aunt Lacey's gift to the Princess.

(by the way, doesn't she look so skinny here?)

Having a small warning from Uncle, I expected something really loud and boisterous like drums or a tuba or something like that. But, no. They got Kari something that makes me stay awake at night and wonder if it's out of its cage. I mean, seriously.

A hermit crab? Yes, friends. With 3 shells and a sponge to drink out of. A sponge that has to be re-soaked twice a day. Which involves me sticking my hand down in the cage. Lacey also informed me that they can grow to be the size of baseballs if provided with the proper sized shells to grow with.
I'm thinking that I might forget to feed and water it for a few days or weeks and see what happens.
This is Kari's face when she saw it:

I'm not certain if I was more scared or her! Lacey asked her if she wanted to take it home with her and she said "No, I'm scared of it, Lacey!" LOL! It took us a few days but it is now in our home. Just for the record I'll say that Lacey and Chris have a lot coming to them when I finally get a niece or nephew. They can write that down in their books because I'm already thinking up things I'm gonna do!
So, Hercules is sitting in his/her cage staring at me everyday from underneath whatever shell it has decided to be in at the time.

Drat Aunt Lacey and Uncle Chris.
(Drat is my new favorite word)

I didn't get a lot of pictures of everybody that was there because I was running after Kari with the camera the whole time. But I was so glad for everybody that was there and made Kari's birthday special!



  1. You named the crab Hercules?? Whose idea was it to name it that?? Actually, it's fitting....unless, of course, HE is actually a SHE!!!

  2. Lol! I think that hermit crab are VERY scary!!!! I so would not touch it! Looks like Kari had a great birthday! I wish we could have went!

  3. LOL! Kari's expression in the first-sight-of-crab picture is SO funny! I guess it wasn't love at first sight, huh?

  4. Oh my word! I wouldn't be sleeping either! That thing is C-R-E-E-P-Y! They might as well have gotten her a big spider ICK!

    I love that little fairy outfit! So CUTE!

  5. If I remember correctly Lacey has a pretty funny Crab story! Don't forget to feed him! LOL


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