Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Malachi had his 15 month check up yesterday with Dr. Miller. My little man is:

28.1 lbs
32.5 inches long
He's finally down to the 90th percentile. Up until he turned a year old, he was almost off the charts!! So his doctor was pleased with his stats this time.

While we were there Kari asked if she could step on the scales (something she won't enjoy 10 years from now). My 3 year old daughter has FINALLY reached the 30 pound mark. She weighed 25 pounds for almost 2 years and she's finally bigger than her brother!
Malachi also had to have his last 3 shots. Kari was trying to comfort him before the fact. It was so sweet..."Bubby, it won't be too bad. It will just hurt for a minute and then you will get a band-aid." She's getting to be such a big girl.

Speaking of which, she is also learning new things at a rapid pace. I purchased some books from one of those college sales people that come around during the summer. They're much like the My Baby Can Read books but they're made by a different company called Southwestern. Kari and I are totally enjoying these books!! We've been learning all kinds of new things but I wondered how many of those things she was truly retaining.

So yesterday at the doctor's office, they loaded Kari down with those big round stickers that they give kids. When we got out to the van, Kari handed me a sticker that she had folded in half and said, "Here ya go, mommy. I made you a semi-circle."

I mean, really. How many 3 year olds say stuff like that? But I became so excited that she was learning and retaining the things that we are studying!

Please pray for my Aunt Ellie. Her first chemo treatment was Monday. It doesn't sound as if things are going very well and she's in a lot of pain and discomfort. I think she's also facing a lot of fear so please pray that God's hand would be on her!



  1. This makes me want another little boy! :)

  2. My MIL is wanting to get Trinity the My Baby can read DVDs for the computer for her birthday. I think I am going to tell them to get her one of those My First Leap Pad or something.

  3. Wow 28lbs! I'm gonna have to examine your arms next time I see you! I bet they are either muscular or super skinny from lifting weights..uhh..I mean Malachi! haha

    Love those kiddos! So adorable as usual!


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