Friday, August 13, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!

Everybody seems to have a theme for Fridays so I decided to make up my own. Please join in if you want to and provide links for your Friday posts in the comments if you have a blog and do a What I'm Loving Friday. If you don't have your own blog, feel free to comment on what you're loving today!!

1. I'm loving Kari in this jean skirt. It's longer and it makes her look older but she is sooo cute in it!

2. I'm loving Natalie Grant's new song "Human". It's awesome and if you read the story behind it, it makes the song even better!

3. I'm loving the 5K walk me and SIL are doing in the morning. There's something about getting up early, your MP3 player set to some good tunes, walking/jogging and enjoying the beauty of the early morning. I know some of you all think I'm crazy but it's true. I LOVE getting up early to walk!

4. I'm loving the fact that Fall is almost here! I have enjoyed summer but I am so over it now. I'm ready to wear sweaters and boots. :)
Like this sweater and these boots.

5. I'm loving this skirt from Newport News. Too expensive for my budget, but I'm keeping an eye on it.

6. I'm loving that it's less than 3 months until we go to Tennessee for a week. But that also means I'll be turning 26....ugh.

7. I'm loving that I'm still saved. In this world where so many people are falling away and turning their backs on the Lord, it's a great comfort to know that I'm still saved in this late hour!

8. I'm loving that my mom is coming to visit today after work!! Kari has been crying for her for days now.

9. Knowing that it's only 3 months until my birthday and vacation, that means it's only 4 months until Christmas!! I am SOOO loving that! I know what y'all are thinking...don't push the season. But, seriously. It's the FUNNEST time of the year! I can't wait to go to the horse park to see the lights and walk through the petting zoo with the kids. I can't wait to go to the mall with my mom and shop and eat. (because that's always a priority) I can't wait to go to Joseph Beth for mine and my mom's yearly tradition of having the kids' pictures taken with Santa. (I'm not an advocate for Santa but it's fun anyway) I can't wait for all the family dinners. Yum.
Can I just say that I know these things AREN'T what Christmas is all about and I know that some people may think I'm terrible for thinking of this stuff when I think about Christmas. But these are all things that my family and I do every year together and it's what makes Christmas special. Yes, without them Christmas is still Christmas....the birth of our Saviour!! But all this other stuff helps us celebrate! :)

10. I'm loving that I've lost 28 pounds!! WooHooo!! I'm loving that my SIL has lost 58 pounds!!

11. I'm loving that this is Friday and that this time next Friday I'll be off work traveling to Alabama with my mom and the kids.

12. I'm loving these two babies as always!!! (notice Malachi is holding the cat's tail)

So, what are you loving today? :)


  1. 1. I also am loving it because I am saved and on my way to a wonderful heaven
    2. I am glad its friday and I can go see my daughter and my grandbabies
    3. I am glad to just be alive and able to do things for myself
    4. I am glad for my savior who died on the cross for me that I might be saved that I can live eternally some day.
    5. I cannot list all the things I am glad about for I have many. No matter what GOD IS GOOD and VERY FAITHFUL.

  2. I am loving that you updated your blog...

    love ya!


  3. 1. I am also loving that I am saved and on my way to Heaven.
    2. I am loving my wonderful boyfriend, Jon!
    3. I am loving that it's Friday!
    4. I am loving that I don't have to work tomorrow.
    5. I am LOVING that I am going to TN tomorrow, to spend the day with Jon, and his mom and dad.
    6. I am loving that I have SO many things that I'm loving that I can't put them all!

    I loved your post today and your kiddos look beautiful, AS ALWAYS!!

    I love you!!

  4. Love this post! More please =) This has totally inspired me to blog. haha

  5. I'm lovin' all my peoples, and wishin' I could have eberbody(as Kari says) together at one time 'cause I been missin' 'em all!!!

  6. I'm love, love, lovin' the air conditioning!!! Lol!

  7. I am LOVING this post! Haha.. you made me have to write one too!

    You are so creative!

  8. Well, sorry I'm just now posting. This was a very cute blog! I would love walking in the mornings if I could only get up! lol It is a very nice time to walk but when the time comes I'd always rather sleep!

  9. your bog is awesome and so is this post. Its one of my faves :)


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