Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Knight in Shining Walking Clothes

Last night on our evening walk with Lacey, we had a skeery experience.

For a little background:
I've made it quite clear in several posts that I despise anything reptile. I don't really like amphibious beings either but I can tolerate them more than reptiles. Lacey and I usually walk together but on the occasion that I'm walking by myself I always look extra close to the weeds and things for snakes and slithery things. Being with someone facing a dangerous something is better than being alone and facing it. I nearly had a heart attack once when I was by myself and saw something that resembled a snake. It was actually a snakeskin but that meant that some big nasty snake was lurking nearby. We do live in the country and the road we walk on is one farm after another. So the obvious thing would be that there are nasty critters taking up residence in the neighborhood as well as cows and horses and stuff.

This past Saturday Lacey had to do some school-related errands and couldn't walk the 5k with me. So I got up early and did the 3-mile walk by myself only to meet Mr. Raccoon twice. I mean, why? Why am I always by myself when I see critters that give me chills?

So...on our walk last night I happened to be on the side of the road that is next to the weeds/ditch. What was looking at me? A SNAKE. It's head was sticking up boldly, challenging me.

Oh, the screaming and running! I knew the day would come but hoped it would be when we had something with us that would quickly get rid of the snake. Like a gun and Uncle Chris.
The weird thing was that I picked up a big stick and threw it at the snake because I didn't think it was alive. You know how a snake's tongue will usually come out every so often and they will move a little at times? This snake was like a zombie or something. I threw the stick, no movement. I threw a handful of sticks and dirt to see if it would get spooked and go somewhere else. Again, no movement. So we knew it was either dead or waiting on us to move close so it could strike.
Lacey decided to brave it and either scare it off or kill it. She picked up this big log from the side of the road and hit it. Nothing. I'm totally not kidding.
I said "Lacey, that snake is so dead. It has to be."
About that time she threw another big log and it opened its mouth and slithered around!! Even as I write this, friends, I have chills. Poor Kari still hasn't recovered. She'll be scared of every animal out there before she's 5 if we keep this stuff up.

One more big throw and it finally slithered away. It was honestly about 2 feet long!!! Lacey even went over to the weeds to be sure it wasn't still lurking there.

My brave SIL. Either brave or a dingbat....haven't figured out which to call her yet.


  1. Malachi would say SIL was a "dingbat"!!!

  2. I think Lacey was very, very brave with a hint of dingbat! Lol! J/k!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Malachi just grinning SO big! They are both Beautiful!! I love it! But that had to be an awful experience! Love you!!

  4. I don't like anything like that either! WHy on earth me and Tim took the kids to that Alligator place on vaca is beyond me. The first animal they pulled out at the show was a PYTHON--oh my word I said I can't believe I have paid money to come see the devil.

    And just night I was up checking on the kids at about 2 or 3 in the morning and looked out the window and I seriously don't even know what kind of animal I saw. It looked like a cross between a cat and a racoon. I don't know. I just quit looking at it so I could go back to sleep!!

  5. That's hilarious! I hope Kari isn't too traumatized! lol


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